Global import and export of oil products

About us

Entracor is an international energy oil and commodity trader. Our core business is physical trading in bulk cargoes of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel, as well as in dry bulk commodity agri products such as wheat, sesame and coffee.

Buying agro products from farmers for export

Discipline is critical

We consider one of the most important attributes to commodity, energy and oil trading to be discipline. Honoring obligations timely, monitoring markets, minimizing risks, frequent reporting, informative dialogue with counterparts – are all examples of important parameters to our everyday business.


Diversifying our portfolio is a priority to us. Having a diverse portfolio means having activities and exposures in different markets and commodities, not just one.

International reach

Key geographical areas

Entracor has office representation in Denmark, UAE and Nigeria. Our key focus is to serve four main markets – being: Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and South America.


We dedicate considerable effort into being compliant in the markets we operate. Both in terms of national and international legislation, and in terms of best market practice operations in general.

What we do

Our activities include buying and selling energy oil products and dry commodities. In essence we move physical products from their origin to where demand is found. This process includes all aspects from financing, risk management, transportation, storing, selling, reporting.

Global import and export of oil products

Buying agro products from farmers for export

Exporting agro products to global clients

Our ambition

At Entracor we aim to leave positive track record with our counter parts throughout all business chains from the financiers to the end clients. Through positive spirit – can do, and professionalism – must do, Entracor humbly serves to earn consideration as a premium brand to deal with.

Exporting agro products to global clients

What we believe in

We believe in qualification before everything else. That is how we conduct our business. Our liberal attitude towards business means that we believe in equality between women and men and equality among nationalities and origins. Our word is our bond, and we expect the same to be the case with our business counter parts.

Selling oil products from storage to clients

Quality of products

To ensure our business counter parts of quality, we trade in goods always under strict supervision of world leading test and certification companies. Verification of quality is an implied part of every deal made with Entracor.

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