Global Oil Trading

Over the years, we have been able to build a strong international network and business relationships with trusted partners across the globe.

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Moving Energy across West Africa

Our expertise and industry knowledge enables us handle all complexities and logistics involved in the transportation of oil across West Africa.

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Our Services

What we offer
  • Global Oil Trading

    We supply petroleum products to clients worldwide. Our traded commodities include; Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Marine Gas Oil, Fuel Oils.

  • Shipping & Logistics

    We provide direct charter of ocean going vessels to transport oil from source to various destinations across West Africa and the globe.

  • Marketing

    With a vast knowledge of market operations and trends, we offer products to buyers all over the world at very competitive prices.

Our Business

  • We place a very high value on delivering quality products. We export products to various clients globally and we are able to deliver these products promptly as a result of our partnership with various oil companies across the globe.

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  • Our services are tailored around processes involved in oil trading from sourcing, to transportation, logistics and marketing. We are highly committed to quality and prompt service delivery across all our areas of specialization.

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Our Products

We supply the following products: Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil & Marine Gas Oil

Our Philosophy

  • We firmly believe one of the pillars on which success is built on in this business is strong financial management. Sensible and equitable risk sharing between business partners is the background to any mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Entracor strongly emphasizes optimisation of its personnel structure as well as the development and training of its workforce. Regarding people as a fundamental resource, we continue to build a system of responsibilities to expand performance based compensation.

  • We make every effort to provide quality products and services, meet society's need for energy and achieve the harmonius development of the society, the economy and the environment.